Our Main Products are

EXERCISING BALL GEL | METATARSAL PAD SILICONE | TOE SEPARATOR SILICONE | MEDIAL ARCH ORTHOSIS | HEEL CUSHION | CUP SILICONE | INSOLE FULL SILICONE | ortho gel care products | Tubular Knee Cap | Tummy Trimmer | Abdominal Belt | Medial Arch Orthosis | Knee Immobilizer 22 | Pouch Arm Sling  | Open  Patella Knee Cap | Pelvic Traction Belt | Exercising Ball Gel | Varicose Vein Stocking Below Knee | Frog Splint | Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer | Metatarsal Pad Silicone | Toe Separator  Silicone | Elastic Wrist Splint | Finger Ext. Splint | Soft Cervical Collar  With Support | Cervical Traction Kit | Thumb Spica Splint | Cervical Pillow Regular | Clavicle Brace With Buckle | Anklet With Ankle Binder

We believe quality series, reliability, competitive prices and convenience. In order to ascertain and maintain customer, we provide the best quality services within the promised time span. Our attitude is that service is what matters above all else.

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